Monday, November 22, 2010

Fantasy Baseball: Keeper Time – Third Base

What’s up next?  I don’t know… third base.  Here who was manning the hot corner for my team when the season ended:

  • Chase Headley
  • Kevin Kouzmanoff
  • Alberto Callaspo
  • Kaleb Cowart

Last season, I was able to slot Chase Headley into the outfield, but he isn’t eligible there this season.  Right now, he’s the favorite to win the position.  His 2011 salary will be 2446.

Last year’s starter, Kevin Kouzmanoff had a very disappointing 2010 season and saw his salary drop from 2076 to 1891.  Right now, there’s no guarantee that I keep Kouz around.  He is eligible to play both second and third which is a bonus, but even if he bounces back it isn’t to a stat line to get excited about.

Callaspo actually ended up outperforming Kouzmanoff and saw some time at third base later in the season.  Both Callaspo and Kouzmanoff suffer from low averages, not a lot of power and no speed.  Even though they are both eligible for both second and third, there isn’t much of a reason to keep them around.

Kaleb Cowert is another prospect and will stick around for 100.

So, what moves do you make here?  I like opening the season with Headley.  Anyone out there think that Kouzmanoff or Callaspo are worth keeping around?


AdamE said...

I think it depends on how long you have to decide. Kouzmanoff will be on a new team soon. He may be worth it if he ends up on the right team.

Offy said...

I think I have until December 5th or so. I have to check the website again.

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