Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fantasy Baseball: Keeper Time – Second Base

Next up in the fantasy baseball discussion is second base.  Here are the players currently on my roster:

  • Brian Roberts
  • Kolbrin Vitek
  • Willy Aybar
  • Jamey Carroll

After suffering through Brian Roberts’ injury plagued season in 2010, I have to keep him around this year.  I’ll be getting him at a huge discount this season at 1682 down from 4293.  If Roberts puts up his usual numbers then that’s going to be a huge bargain for me.

Kolbrin Vitek is last year’s first round pick by the Red Sox so he’s sticking around at a salary of 100.

Willy Aybar is interesting only because he qualifies for three positions: 2B, 3B and 1B.  His salary next season will be 536.

Jamey Carroll also qualifies for three positions: 2B, SS, and 3B.  If I keep these two guys on my bench then I’ve got my whole infield covered as long as they’re playing.  Carroll’s salary will be 799.  I’m not sure if a couple of utility infielders are worthy of keeper picks though.

What are your thoughts?  Do I roll the dice and see what’s out there for utility players in the redistribution draft?  Should I feel secure going into the season with Roberts as my starting second sacker?

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they don't make them like Sandberg anymore I tell ya

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