Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fantasy Baseball: Keeper Time – Outfield

My outfield is a little crowded at the moment due to some late season signings.  Since I was out of the running, I started looking at players who had been injured to see if I could find any potential bargains for 2011.  Here’s who I have on the roster:

  • Bobby Abreu
  • Nick Markakis
  • Grady Sizemore
  • Coco Crisp
  • Felix Pie
  • Domonic Brown
  • Chevez Clarke
  • Bryce Harper
  • A.J. Pollock

Abreu was actually the last outfielder that I signed before last season started.  I’m not a huge fan, but he ended up being my best outfielder last season.  His salary dropped from 4786 to 3797 and I could see his production dropping yet again as he gets older.  I’m not sure if I want to spend a keeper pick on him.

My outfield was full of underachievers last season.  Nick Markakis saw his salary drop from 4634 to 3750.  After drops is both homers and RBIs, hopefully Markakis can rebound in 2011 and be a little bit of a bargain.

Right now, Grady Sizemore is set to return to action during spring training.  If he can put up anything close to his 2008 numbers then he’s going to be a huge steal at his 2011 salary of 1120.  Hopefully he hasn’t lost any of his speed when he returns.

Coco Crisp was another late season addition, but he saw some playing time late last season when he was red hot and stealing bases right and left.  If he can stay healthy and put up numbers like he did when healthy in 2010 then he’s going to be a steal at a salary of 749.

Felix Pie seemed like he might actually be putting it all together in Baltimore late last season so I took a chance and added him to my roster.  His salary of 570 isn’t much so he can start the season as a fourth outfielder with potential to move into the starting lineup.

I’ve got some very nice outfield prospects that will be earning 100 this season: Domonic Brown, Chevez Clarke, Bryce Harper and A.J. Pollock.  I’m curious as to how quickly the Nationals will call up Harper especially now that Strasburg is injured.  They’ve got to sell tickets somehow.

So, which outfielders do you bring back to start the season?  Is Abreu in decline?  Will Markakis rebound?  Should I be excited about Sizemore?  What kind of deal would it take to pry Harper away from you?

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