Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fantasy Baseball: Keeper Time – First Base

Those of you who have been reading the blog for a while have probably seen previous mentions of my Benchwarmer Baseball fantasy team.  They’ve just released preliminary salary information for the upcoming season and so it is time to decide on keepers and maybe do some early trading.  My team’s coffers currently contain $45738 (in millions) and I can keep up to 28 players (on a roster that can consist of up to 40 players).  I’m going to go through my team position by position to get some feedback on what all of you think that I should do.

Here are the first basemen that are currently on my roster:

  • Joey Votto
  • James Loney
  • Yonder Alonso
  • Lars Anderson

Votto is a no-brainer.  For one, he’s easily the best hitter on my team.  In fact, he won the MVP award for the league.  I also don’t have to pay anything to Votto this season since I extended his contract for two more years during last season.  Votto’s salary would have been 4133 up from 2200 last season so I saved a big chunk of cash with that move.

I’m leaning towards keeping James Loney around as my DH.  The only problem that I have with that is he puts up solid, but not spectacular numbers.  I’d like a little more out of the DH position.  I don’t want to just let Loney walk though so maybe I’ll shop him around a little bit.  Loney’s salary for 2011 will be 3039.

Alonso and Anderson are prospects that will be on my minor league roster.  I may look to shop some of my prospects since I’ll be opening the season with a full minor league roster and you don’t want to have to release any of those guys if you can help it.  The salary for both of these guys will be the league minimum of 100.

So, what do you do in this position?  I’m loaded at the C and OF positions so a DH might come out of those positions if I don’t retain Loney.

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