Monday, November 22, 2010

Fantasy Baseball: Keeper Time – Catcher

The catcher position is a little crowded for me.  When Victor Martinez went down with an injury last season, I ended up grabbing John Buck who ended up being one of last season’s nice surprises.  He signed a nice deal with the Marlins and may see his numbers increase with more games played.  Here’s the current catching situation:

  • Victor Martinez
  • John Buck
  • Taylor Teagarden
  • Jesus Flores
  • Tony Sanchez

Victor Martinez is another player whose salary is lower this season due to an injury.  His numbers also dropped a little bit in 2010 and so his 2011 salary is 2525 after earning 3519 for his 2009 season.  Unfortunately, I don’t think he’ll end up sticking around in Boston, but I will definitely keep Martinez around here.  Having first base eligibility is also a big plus.

I may try to shop Buck around since he’s a little pricey to keep around as a backup catcher.  His 2011 salary will be 1113.  If I’m not able to trade him then I think I have to keep him since I don’t really want another team snatching him up.  It all comes down to what I’ve got available for salary.

I think that Taylor Teagarden is currently penciled in as the opening day catcher for the Rangers, but right now I think that I’d rather have Max Ramirez on my roster.  Not that either one of them did anything of note last season.  Teagarden’s 2011 salary is 146.

Jesus Flores might end up being healthy for the 2011 season, but I’m not sure if there will even be a roster spot for him with the Nationals if he is.  If healthy, he could end up being a nice bargain with a salary of 158 if he sees a decent amount of playing time.  There’s no guarantee that will be the case though.

Tony Sanchez is the Pirates super prospect.  For 100 there’s no way he’s going anywhere.

What do you think I should try and do with Buck?  Any thoughts on Teagarden or Flores?  What would you do with these five players?

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