Friday, November 5, 2010

Celtics Lots

Finding stuff like this is one of the reasons why I haven't abandoned eBay completely when searching for lower priced cards.  While it's not worth it many times to have a single, cheap card shipped to you, sometimes you can make it worthwhile by finding multiple cards from one seller or by stumbling across a great lot.  My latest win came yesterday and it was actually a lot that I forgot to bid on the first time.  Luckily, it was listed once again and I was the only bidder.

I probably would have paid the four dollars that this whole lot will cost me with shipping on just the Dennis Johnson jersey card.  This lot comes with three other cards though and two of them will go right into one of my player collections.  There's a Big Baby Prestigious Pros card that is numbered to 499 as well as the same exact card with a jersey swatch stuck in it also numbered to 499.  There's also a Cedric Maxwell Old School card to round things out.  Not bad at all for $4 shipped.

Next up is a good win on behalf of a poorly written listing.

This auction is listed as a Big Baby Bowman Sterling Refractor.  They leave out the fact that it's an autograph which I think would have gotten it a little more attention.  This card is only numbered to 99 and it's one that I didn't yet have in my collection.  There's free shipping so that bumps up my potential high bid.  I end up winning the card for $6.05 which isn't bad at all for just this single card.  This single card?  What do you mean by that?  Well, further down in the listing you see that this lot also includes a Sweet Shot autographed card.  I already had this card, but this one ended up having a better autograph on it so I was happy with that.  So, I ended up with two Big Baby autographed cards; one is numbered to 99 and the other to 699 and they cost me three dollars a piece.  Can't beat that. 

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