Friday, October 22, 2010

This is bullshit

I read all of the horror stories in regards to 2010 Topps Chrome, but since the prices dropped on boxes after the Strasburg injury I decided to take a shot.  I like the cards and all of the autographs are on-card.  It seemed like it was going to a great product.  Boy was I wrong.

The third and fourth cards in every one of my packs were disasters.  Whatever machine makes the indentations on these cards for the outlines around the players was not aligned properly on these cards.  It occurred to varying degrees as well.  There are severe cards such as the Mike McCoy in the picture and then others such as the Strasburg which I probably wouldn't have noticed if the other cards weren't so bad.

I don't know how anyone could enjoy opening a box such as this one.  It became more of a chore than anything else.  So, I've sent an e-mail to Topps Support.  I think that I'm owed more than just replacements for these cards.  Opening a box of cards is about more than just what you get in the box.  For me, opening a box of cards is the most fun that I have in this hobby.  This box was no fun to open at all.  It's not about value either.  Check out some of the boxes that I open.  I love oddball stuff that's never going to be "worth" anything, but it's got amazing value to me.

So, I've sent off an e-mail to Topps Support and will see what they say.  I'm usually a big supporter of Topps Customer Support, but as of late things haven't gone so well.  I think that's mostly due to them being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of damaged cards that are being packed out these days.  I'm also not sure if the people working in support know much about the cards they are dealing with.  That's the only reason I can think of why they would replace a card with an upside down autograph with another card with an upside down autograph.

Stay tuned for updates.


Play at the Plate said...

That stinks. I hope they can resolve it properly.

shelliebee said...

That really stinks! I've bought three boxes so far and many have been off center! I hope Topps will resolve this for you! The McCoy card is pretty bad!

Offy said...

Most of them are like the McCoy with an Eric Young Jr being the worst offender. I think I have to post a scan of that one as well. The Strasburg isn't too bad, but if you look at things like the dots in the top right of the card, it's easy to see that it's misaligned.

beardy said...

Yeah dude, my box was hosed as well, but not as badly as yours.

Bunch of freakin jabronies!

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