Sunday, October 17, 2010

Still Getting Up To Speed

I'm still transferring files from the PC to the new iMac. I've got to figure out how I'll be composing my posts in the future. On the PC, I used Windows Live Writer, but that's not an option now unless I also run Windows on another partition. I haven't ruled it out yet, but haven't given up on finding a Mac solution yet. In the meantime, I've posted a little poll to see if people can figure out some of the other things that I collect other than trading cards. I have a lot of other collections so don't be afraid to pick in double digits.

Other than that, I've got around 26 wax boxes on the way thanks to cashing out some vacation time. I think I may try out the iSight cam on the new iMac and try some video box breaks especially on the smaller boxes. Until then, I'd be interested in some guesses as to what you think I might be getting. Some is old and some is new. Some is stuff that I've busted before in the same type of box and some are retail versions of boxes that I've already busted, but am now trying to finish off the sets. I'll take a look at the guesses and who knows what may happen after the breaks are done. I don't want to announce a formal contest since I'm still getting everything together up here, but I'll definitely be sending some stuff out to the regular readers out there who have stuck around with little new content being written.


Charles @ Hoopography said...

You'll love your Mac. I switched 10 months ago and haven't looked back!!!

Offy said...

I do. I've been working for Apple for the past two and a half years so I use one every day at work, but was finally able to afford one for home. Once I'm up and running, I'll never look back either.

Offy said...

The new Live Writer won't work on XP when running on VirtualBox or at all? I could have sworn that I was running the newest version on my PC and that had XP on it. Maybe it only updated to the newest version that would run on XP.

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