Monday, October 18, 2010


It looks like the poll isn't designed to record who guessed what. That's what I get for not trying a test poll first. So, feel free to post either collection or wax box guesses in either of these posts. It'll lead to some fun discussions and once I finish busting open those 26 boxes, I'm sure that I'll have plenty of favorite players, teams and unwanted hits to send out. I'll look to those people first. To give you a hint as to what I may have purchased, the last box that I opened was 2010 Topps Series 2 jumbos, all boxes are either baseball or basketball with the exception of one non-sports box and none of the boxes are Allen & Ginter. I think I may just purchase a complete Ginter set this year so that I don't have another incomplete Ginter set in my collection.


Play at the Plate said...

Ok...I'll give it a shot.

2009 OPC
2010 Topps Chrome
2010 Topps 206
2009 Topps 206
2009 Topps Finest
2010 Obak
2009 Obak
2009-10 Bowman 48
2009-10 Topps
07/08 SP Rookie Edition

I know there are more, but I'll give that a shot. I can't wait to see what goodies you picked up.

Offy said...

It looks like I waited too long on both OPC and Goodwin. Most of the places that had it for a decent price have been sold out for a while now. I would definitely break either one of those at the right price.

There will be a box of 2010 Chrome broken this week. I will probably do that one first if it arrives tomorrow just because of the bounty stuff. Who knows, I might get lucky.

I will also be opening a box of 2010 206, but no 2009. I think I'm close enough on last year's set to just chase singles now. I'll probably get mostly doubles if I bust another box.

There's no Finest coming this way. I enjoy the sets, but they're just too tough to complete.

I'm going to wait a little longer on Obak and see if the 2010 stuff drops to around what I got my 2009 box at. It seems a little high at the moment for an unlicensed, mostly for fun product.

It would be fun to break another box of Bowman 48 just for the autographs, but I did really well on my first box and am pretty much done with the set.

I loved 09-10 Topps and the jumbo boxes are still going for a nice chunk of change. I'm done with that though especially since I've pulled my fair share of great cards from there. The Blake Griffin McDonald's autograph was probably one of my best pulls ever.

I did order a box of 2007 SP Rookie Edition Baseball since I'm still chasing that set and the boxes are a cheap, fun break. I don't like the basketball set as much because you only get 3 SP cards per box and the set is all but impossible to complete.

There are also a bunch of 80s oddball junk wax boxes coming and retail boxes from the past few years of sets that I'm trying to complete. They should be fun breaks even if they aren't likely to offer up big hits.

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