Saturday, October 23, 2010

Disastrous Box Break - 2010 Topps Chrome

I want to make these box breaks look nice, but this one doesn't deserve the effort.  Just in case you were curious as to just how bad these cards looked.  The rest of the box wasn't bad at all, but I just couldn't enjoy it.  I think that I'm going to scan the worst of the cards before I ship them off because the defects are really noticeable that way.  Here's the video.  (Sorry about the video being flipped, I'm still getting used to the new computer and software.)

Disastrous Box of 2010 Topps Chrome Baseball from Michael Travers on Vimeo.


Jay said...

Im not sure what pisses me off more the fact you got screwed, or the fact that Topps could give a rats ass.

Offy said...

That's what I'm trying to figure out as well. It was like pulling teeth just to get any answer out of Topps. The e-mail address gave me bad information in the form letter that they sent me. I asked questions in the message that I sent to the support e-mail and they were not answered in the form letter.

I only found out that you didn't have to send in the wrapper for Chrome from the two Topps Twitter accounts, but they weren't help when it came to anything else. I don't know for sure if they'll replace more than 25 cards. I don't know if they care enough to make up for my postage spent and ruined box opening experience.

The missing box hits are the whole reason why I stayed away from this year's Allen & Ginter. Maybe it'll be best to just stay away from Topps completely until they resolve these issues.

Jay said...

I got a surprise box earlier from my wife of chrome. I pulled Deangelo WIlliams red refractor, and almost crapped when I noticed It had the exact same defects ( double vision) your box of baseball had.Anyhow packed up, and out tomorrow bro. I will hit you with the Confo number around noon..


Offy said...

Same here. I've got your box with me at work to send out on my lunch break. I'll send you the info once I have it.

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