Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Box Break - 2009-10 Panini Hall of Fame Basketball

I've been looking forward to busting a box of this product since I first heard about it.  Not only are there a bunch of great players in there due to the checklist only containing Hall of Fame members, but there are also a lot of players who have never previously had autographed cards in a product.  There are also beautiful looking nickname signature cards.  As a basketball fan, this is pretty irresistible now that it sells for about half of the MSRP.  If I had the cash, this is something that I'd definitely love to break a case of.

I lost my original box break, but here's a recap of what I got:


Charles @ Hoopography said...

Nice break!!! I love this product too. The box and singles prices have been going down slowly but surely. I would like to bust a few boxes when the time is right. Xmas usually Brings out some pretty good deals from the big hobby sellers like Blowout and D & A with overstock items.

The Pat Summit card should be nice. You def got some great base cards and a 1 of 1 Marble isn't bad either. The USA base, jersey, prime jersey and auto'd cards are amazing.

Are you shooting these vids with you Mac icam? Also, are you using iMove to create the vids?

Very solid break!!!

Offy said...

I am shooting them with the iSight camera. So far, it leaves a little to be desired, but the videos look good after I shoot them. They seem to take a beating when they get processed for the net.

I am using iMovie especially now that I know you can record right into iMovie. The first batch were recorded in Photo Booth which explains why they were flipped. I'm really enjoying doing these on video so I may spring for a separate web cam at some point.

Charles @ Hoopography said...

I think your vids look pretty solid. I have a Mac, but rarely use the isight camera or iMovie, but you may have inspired me. Good luck perfecting the the vids. happy Collecting.

Jay said...

Looking good, looking good..

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