Saturday, July 3, 2010

The most ridiculous part of all of this hype

The most ridiculous thing that I’ve seen in a large sampling of ridiculousness has been the huge increase in the price of boxes of 2008 Timelines.  Huge for a product such as this one that is.  If I remember correctly, these boxes regularly sold for around $50 and were often on sale for around $40.  These boxes have now jumped to $75 and more.  The chance of pulling a Strasburg autograph out of these packs is insanely tough and other than that card, I really haven’t seen anything else big come out of these packs.  There’s a lot of sticker autographs of minor stars and young players that never panned out.

This used to be a fun, inexpensive set to break with some nice retro designs, but it has now joined the ranks of 2010 Bowman as a set containing Strasburg where only 2% of the boxes out there will be worth even a fourth of what you pay for them.  I’m surprised that 2008 Sweet Spot boxes haven’t jumped in price as well, but those were overpriced to begin with and the price never really dropped on those so there’s no room for them to go up at the moment.

Ginter has already dropped from the crazy prices it had climbed to at release.  I’m sure everything else will follow.  At the very least, all of the Strasburg stuff should drop in price next year when we do this all again for Bryce Harper.

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dayf said...

I bought my box of Timelines for less than $40 and was also amused when I saw the price of them today while checking out the online shops for 4th of July deals. The other bonus is that people are ripping them like crazy for the Strasburg and discarding the base cards allowing me to snag some cheap for my set.

Field of Cards said...

Wow. I've been taking a 3 month break or so from collecting. Maybe the timing worked out. I believe I got Timeline for $27 at one point. Not sure. Fun product. Too bad it's gone Willie Wonka on us.

Offy said...

I thought I may have gotten my box even cheaper as well, but I ordered that box while still using my old e-mail address and couldn't find the invoice. So, I went with prices that I could confirm in the post.

The Strasburg auto is so insanely tough to pull out of this product that it should have spurred sales, but not caused the product to double in price. At least with Bowman you've got a chance of some of the other prospects panning out. You can hit other stuff in Ginter as well, but Timelines isn't going to give you much for sick, mojo, crazy hits that these kind of collectors are looking for.

Joe S. said...

Yeah, Timeline was definitely around $30 for a while, and people were STILL trashing it! I loved this set, but there's absolutely no way it's worth $75 a box. Most of the autos are JUNK, outside of Longoria and a few others.

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