Monday, June 7, 2010

Post drought

You may have noticed a severe lack of posts here lately.  As the weather has gotten warmer, the third floor has been getting very warm as well.  It’s not even summer yet and it’s already regularly over 90 degrees up there.  Other than making it unbearable to sit up there for any lengths of time, it also seems to be causing problems with my wireless adapter.  I’ve always had a direct connection to the Internet, but that’s not possible here so I’m connected wirelessly.  I didn’t have these problems during the winter months though.  There’s nothing more frustrating than constantly losing connection to the ‘net.

I’ve been keeping up with all of the blogs out there during my breaks at work like I usually do.  I haven’t been spending too much on cards due to lack of interest and the price tag on things that I am interested in.  I did sell some stuff on eBay, but that was mostly to fund the two Fatheads that I picked up and the Hurley action figure that I’ve been meaning to pick up for a while now.  I’ve gotten a little more done in the room, but the temperatures up here have slowed down the progress.

Since I’ve been spending more time downstairs, I signed up for a trial subscription with GameFly.  I plan on renting all of the sports games that I stopped buying because I played them for two months and then never touched them again and bought almost the exact same game the following season.  So far, I beat Super Paper Mario in a week so I’m already ahead of the game.  I would have been pissed if I had paid $50 for that game and then cleared it in a week.  I’m not one for going back and trying to get every last hidden item.  That’s a cheap way of trying to extend a game without putting more real content into it.

The plan is to get an air conditioner up here that’s temperature controlled and hopefully that will take care of things.  What I really need is a portable computer whether it be a laptop or an iPad although I’m not really sure what it would be like typing up posts on the iPad.

Go Celtics!

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