Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Anniversary Loot

I recently celebrated my 4th Anniversary.  We didn’t do anything huge since we’re going to Disney World later in the year, but we had a nice weekend away in the Mystic, CT area.  We did some gambling at Mohegan Sun, did a little shopping and of course had a dinner and a movie date night.  We did this two years ago and enjoyed it so much that we decided to do it again this year.  On that first trip, I picked up a cool Red Sox wool pennant.  I picked up some cool goodies on this trip as well.

MysticPizzaMystic, CT is home of the Mystic Pizza restaurant made famous in the movie Mystic Pizza.  This original location was too small inside for filming, but the outside was used for the front of the restaurant in the movie.  The interior shots were filmed in the Mystic Pizza location in Stonington.  I added to two of my collections at Mystic Pizza.  I picked up a new pin for my pin board and pressed two pennies.  I was caught off guard and didn’t have enough change to press the third penny that was available.

PinsI picked up a couple of other pins in a general store in Olde Mistick Village.  I’ve already got logo pins of both the Sox and Pats, but these were very nice and the price was right so I added them to the collection.  The pin board is now here, but I need to purchase something sturdy to hang it with.  Once that’s done, I’ll get some pictures of it up on the blog.  After this upcoming Disney trip, I may need a second board.

Light There’s also a shop in Olde Mistick Village that sells sports stuff.  A lot of the stuff there is overpriced since the store is in a touristy shopping area in a touristy town, but I did find something that I really wanted.

This Red Sox glass switch plate cover looks great in the room and will look even better once I touch up the paint a little.  I’ve got some Red Sox items in the room and the Celtics will be well represented, but I think I’ll have to search out some Patriots stuff (retro logo only, no ugly flying Elvis head logo) for the room as well.

Last, but not least was an oddball item that I had to pick up for myself.  My mother-in-law had given me the Red Sox version of this a couple of years ago for Christmas and it was a fun little gift.  When I saw the Celtics version, it had to be mine.


Here you can see Kevin McHale, Larry Legend, The Chief, Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, Reggie Lewis, Red Auerbach, Pierce and Dee Brown.  There’s three cards right into player collections and a bunch of other fun caricature cards.  I love this kind of oddball stuff.


Hoopography said...

Wow, those Celtics caricature cards are great. I'm not sure which is my favorite. The Dee Brown "blind slam dunk" is cool, but I also really like the Reggie Lewis and Red A card.

P.S., got to like "A Slice of Heaven" , I suddenly want pizza. Whom I kidding, I always want a slice.

jenne said...

i love that you found so many nifty sports and collectors items while on our little trip. so cute are you. very nice post!

firstngoal said...

Very cool. And congrats on the anniversary!

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