Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Traded: Cards from Thoughts and Sox


I posted on the Thoughts and Sox website regarding the Mike Piazza card that someone’s mom threw out because it’s not really worth anything.  It still seems strange to me to have reprints of cards that sell for a quarter, but it’s a Piazza card and so I had to have it.  Along with the Piazza came a nice stack of cards from my want lists including 2009 Chrome, 2007 Masterpieces, 2009 T206 and 2009 X.  Those cards were great since I seem to have stalled on set completion as of late.

I’m still going through my Red Sox cards to find a few more cards to send back in return for this great package.  It can be tough at times finding cards to trade of the team that you also follow.  Luckily, Adam has a handy, dandy checklist of what he needs making it easy to see what he needs.

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