Monday, April 5, 2010

Traded: Cards from The Basketball Card Blog

Basketball City

I sent some extras that I had from the Murad mini set and got some great cards in return.  I still needed two of the better rookies from the set and both of those were sent over.  Now all that I need are a single base card and a handful of SP cards to complete this set.  Some Celtics were sent over as well including the Paul Pierce and Celtics logo stickers from this year’s Panini set that I wasn’t able to pull out of my box.

There aren’t nearly as many basketball blogs out there as there are baseball blogs so I was glad to find The Basketball Card Blog.  Check it out!

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TJ said...

which single do you need, I'' see if I have it.

G_Moses said...

Hey, I forgot all about those. Better that you have the Celtics stickers than my kids.

I finally decided to put my Blazers sticker on the front corner of my CPU monitor. Glow in the dark is so cool.

Anonymous said...

hey those stickers are cool! nice ones! i am currently immersed into the march madness. for more , you can read up

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