Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Heat woke a sleeping giant (baby?)

I called it in my last post about the Celtics/Heat series.  Quentin Richardson woke a sleeping giant and the Celtics responded big time.  Ray Allen had a huge game and Glen “Big Baby” Davis was awesome given an opportunity to start (just like he did last year around this time).  Rondo played phenomenal defense and never let the Heat get their offense started.  Big defensive efforts were also turned in by Kendrick Perkins, Big Baby and Tony Allen.

Unless the Celtics get bored in the next couple of games, like they have at times during the regular season, I don’t see the Heat winning a single game in this series.  I feel badly for Dwyane Wade because he’s getting almost no help from his teammates.  The defensive pressure is causing him to have to isolate every time he touches the ball and there’s no way that they can win that way.

He made an appearance at the Garden and now he’s making an appearance in my blog as well.  The official mascot of Celtics blowouts: Gino!

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