Sunday, April 4, 2010

Contest prize results

I apologize again for the delay on this part of the contest.  I wanted to give people ample time to get back to me and then I got busy.  Wickedliquids was added as a second chance entry because he was second on the list.  I also reduced the list back to four because I never heard from SamL and he wasn’t logged in with a Blogger account so I had no means of contacting him.  Two weeks was plenty of time for people to get in touch with me.  Without further ado, here we go:


1st choice

2nd choice


Redus auto

Norworth cards


Redus auto

Norworth cards


Sanchez /50

Redus auto


Sanchez /50

Pollack auto /25

So, there will be two randomizations done.  To change things up, I’ll be using the flip a coin feature on and will assign heads and tails by the order in which the choices were submitted to me.

For the first flip, FanOfReds will be heads and handcollated will be tails.  The winner of the flip gets the Redus auto and the other person gets the pair of Norworth cards.

The first flip came up heads and the Redus auto goes to FanOfReds. 

For the second flip, Drew is heads and wickedliquids is tails.  The winner of the flip gets the Sanchez card.  If wickedliquids doesn’t win the flip, he receives the Pollack auto.  If Drew doesn’t win the flip he’ll have to contact me with another choice for a prize since his second choice was already selected as a first pick twice.


The second flip came up tails which means he receives the Sanchez card.

All four of you please contact me with your mailing addresses and Drew please also let me know which of the unclaimed prizes you’d like to have sent to you.

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