Friday, April 23, 2010

Collectibles room update

100_5041So, once the work started on the upstairs room, we discovered a few more problems than we expected.  When they originally framed this room, they didn’t put up any walls.  They put up a very thin border and that’s about it.  Reality TV has exposed the shoddiness of many home inspectors and it looks like we had one of those shoddy inspectors when we purchased the house.  I’m pretty sure that’s something that he should have caught.

100_5042Here’s a view of the area behind my desk all ripped out.  The contractors found some interesting stuff on the top of the recessed area on the other side of the “wall.”  There were matches, cigarette packages and other stuff like that.  It looks like the prior tenant snuck back there to smoke.  The whole floor reeked of smoke until the border was ripped out and now I know why.

100_5056New wall!  It’s tough to see in the picture, but the door folds out in the middle and inside is a storage area of the 9 foot wide section between the stairs and the chimney.  This larger section will be for the storage of baseball card stuff.

Almost as import as the storage space is the large sections of vertical walls to hang stuff on.  This room was severely lacking in vertical walls prior to this and that’s something that I wasn’t a big fan of at all.

100_5059Here’s the other 9 foot section.  It’s set back from the other wall segment by a foot or so.  This was done to make space for the giant Ikea bookcase that you see in this picture.  The bookcase fits and there’s still a decent amount of storage in the room behind the bookcase.  This smaller storage area will be used mostly for my comic book long boxes.  I think I’ve got around 10 long boxes and 30 half boxes that will need to go in there.  I’ve got lots of bagging and boarding to do as well.

It’s tough getting really good pictures of the room due to the size and shape of it.  Also, all of the large furniture was in the middle of the room during the construction and that prevented good picture taking as well.  As the room comes together, I’ll take pictures of those items and sections of the room to give you a better idea of what the room looks like.  The first thing that I want to get up is my giant pin board, but I need some hardware to hang it.  That thing is pretty heavy.

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Joe S. said...

Looks to be a cool room in the making. My collectibles room is basically a very large walk-in closet in our guest room. It's big enough to be in comfortably, so I'll take it! The guest room itself has been decorated with vintage sports memorabilia, so it's pretty cool (in my opinion, anyway).

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