Monday, April 26, 2010

Catching up

Just a boring, pictureless, state of the blog post from work. I made a long overdue trek to the post office today to mail out some package. I sent out two trade packages, three contest prizes and 2 packages to Topps of cards to be replaced. So, if you were expecting a package from me you should see it by the end of the week.

A box of TNA The New Era should be arriving at some point this week and I'll be posting a review of that. This is the first TNA set to contain cards of new World Heavyweight Champion RVD as well as some yellow and red clad wrestler who some of you may be familiar with. Jeff Hardy has a huge following and his cards will be sought after along with Ric Flair who also makes his debut in this set. I can't wait to bust open that product.

I've been using this lull in purchasing new products to get work done on my collectibles room and also get things a little more organized. I'm also looking into throwing together a database to get an idea of exactly what I've got. Look for that project to be completed somewhere around the year 2040.

I'm excited about 2010 Bowman, but I'm not excited about where the box prices have soared to for jumbo boxes. The last time that I checked, the lowest prices were around $125 a box. I think it's going to be a great set with lots of fun and great pulls, but I may not be able to get a jumbo box of it like I'd prefer.

I've still got some box breaks to post from that list I put up as a poll. I've got a bunch of 2010 Topps inserts that I want to get into the collections of people trying to finish those insert sets. I want to spend the rest of this year trading and getting more creative with posts since I won't be buying as much until our September Disney trip is all paid off. We already took my daughter when she was two, but now she's tall enough to go on almost every ride in the parks and will remember a lot more about the trip.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading everyone!

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