Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An update

Sorry for the delay in the last part of the contest.  I held it up a little bit because two people still hadn’t replied, but then my daughter got sick on my day off, there was more rain and flooding and my free time has all but disappeared.  I’ve got Friday off before what will be a very busy Saturday and hope to get caught up on a lot of things that day.

I finally did some research and found out how simple it is to schedule posts with Windows Live Writer.  So, I’m going to take advantage of that in the future.

Thanks to everyone for reading.  I fit this in when I can around work and family.  It’s one more way to enjoy my cards since collecting on a budget limits the amount and type of cards that I can add to my collection.

I’ve got box breaks, trades, purchases, room updates and all kinds of other stuff coming.  I want to continue to celebrate the fun parts of the hobby and collecting in general.

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