Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A quick heads up

Just a quick heads up to those of you interested in the fantasy league. These auction drafts tend to take a bit longer than a typical snake draft since there's time given to nominate the next player and then time spent on the bidding process. I just did a 12 team draft that took around two and a half hours. So, once we get to the point that the league is ready to set a draft time, I'll work really hard to make sure that we can find a time that works for the majority of those involved and if anyone wants to bail due to the time constraint of the auction draft, I understand completely.

That being said, I had a blast in the draft last night. Auction drafts have a level of strategy not just in how much money you spend, but in who you nominate when your turn comes around. Hope to see some more people step up the the challenge.

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SqueezePlayCards said...

looking forward to it. It will be my first draft like this.

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