Sunday, March 7, 2010

I owe Jorge Garcia .41¢

When it came to sending out autograph requests through the mail, I wanted to make sure that my first attempt would be a successful one.  Fortunately, one of my current favorite actors is great with his fans and is probably one of the best people there are at the moment for autograph requests.

I’ve been hooked on Lost since before the show even aired.  I bought into the hype big time and was eagerly awaiting the series premier.  Once I saw that ABC was actually committed to the show and that I wouldn’t get burned for following it (as opposed to ABC screwing around with Cupid until they finally cancelled it) it quickly became my favorite show.  The one character that grabbed my attention right away was Hurley.  His comic relief was perfect for the show, but we eventually found out that he wasn’t quite so happy-go-lucky off of the island and he was as tortured as the rest of the survivors from Oceanic 815.  Hurley’s winning lottery numbers, which somehow corresponded to Jacob’s numbered list of potential candidates, brought him nothing but bad luck off of the island.

So, I sent off my first autograph request on January 20th and waited.  It arrived in my mailbox on March 1st.  While I thought that I had done everything correctly, I think that I forgot the additional cost that the Post Office puts on rigid envelopes.  It turns out that Jorge Garcia had to put an additional .41¢ on the return envelope in order for it to get back to me.  So, thank you Jorge, for both the autographs and the extra postage.

Here’s the awesome picture that was sent.  The inscription reads, “To Mike, Aloha”  This is going to be the first item that I hang in my room once the construction is all finished and the paint is dry.



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Field of Cards said...

That is so friggin' cool. It's little gestures like that that go a long way in my book.

Offy said...

He already had a ton of cool points in my book. He takes the time to interact with fans on the official Lost message boards over at The Fuselage, has a very funny blog about his everyday life and just started a podcast about Lost. Very cool guy in my book.

Jorge Garcia said...

Still waiting on the $.41 by the way.

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