Monday, March 8, 2010

Dispatches From The Island

Since Jorge Garcia has a blog of his own on Blogger, I thought that I’d post a quick reply over there letting him know about my post.  His most recent post didn’t have any replies on it and was a couple of days old so I figured that it was a safe spot to post without it looking like I was trying to grab attention for my site.  I had forgotten that Jorge had begun moderating his posts and that’s why it looked like there weren’t any comments.  So, today he approved a bunch of comments, including mine, and then came over and posted on my blog.  Go ahead and check it out.

I’ve got to say that’s pretty cool and Mr. Garcia has earned even more cool points in my book.  Now you’ll have to excuse me as I go search the couch cushions for the .41¢ to send out to Hawaii.  I don’t want any smoke monsters coming to get me.

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Field of Cards said...

Ha ha! Nice! Perhaps you should make a .41 cent donation in his name. That is the hip new way of paying people back these days, I hear.

Jorge Garcia said...

Save your money. It would cost more in postage and petroleum to pay me back. Let's just call it even.

Offy said...


I was trying to post light-heartedly, but at times that can be tough to convey through the Internet. If I were to send something, it would be as thanks for taking the time to send the autographs and making sure that the envelope didn't end up in a dead letter pile somewhere. After reading your most recent post, I've got something else in mind.

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