Sunday, March 21, 2010

Contest Results

I’ll keep updating this post with the results as I finish off the randomizations.  There’s a bit of typing for each of those so they might take a while.  If you are listed as a winner, please contact me with your first and second (and even a third if you’d like) choices from the prize pool.

Contest 1: Guess the Number

I guess I made the range of numbers to guess from a little large, but there was a reason for that.  I wanted to try and give people a chance to figure out the number that I had selected.  I was always a big fan of the contests that The Mojo Hand where there was some brain work involved and that’s what I was trying to do here.

I’m a huge fan of the TV show Lost and the number 108 is big in the mythology of that show.  That’s why the contest was to select a number from 1 – 108.  The number that I selected had to do with the Lost cast member who has posted in this bog, Jorge Garcia.  I won’t go into spoilers in case someone is behind in their viewing, but the nature of the numbers has been revealed this season and the number 8 from “The List” of numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) is associated with Garcia’s character, Hugo Reyes.  So, the number to guess was number 8.  The only problem is that no one guessed that number.  So, in an executive decision, I’m going to give entries to the two people who bookended the number.  Drew guessed 7 (which was also later guessed by BA Benny on the second guess post) and SamL guessed 9.  Congratulations, you are the first two winners.  Start thinking of your choices.

Contest 2: Random Comment

There were 31 entrants. They were all entered into and randomized once, I positioned my mouse, turned off the monitor and clicked the randomize button three more times before turning my monitor back on.  This is what I saw:

Contest 2 
Congratulations FanOfReds!  You are the third entrant into the prize pool.  Let me know which prizes you are interested in.

Contest 3: Secret Entry

The means for entering this part of the contest wasn’t exactly secret, but I didn’t spell it out in the contest instructions either.  The key was the line “it shouldn’t be too difficult to follow.”  All of the people following this blog will be entered into, randomized three times just like in the previous part of the contest and out will come a winner.  After removing my wife, there were 36 entrants (in spite of the fact that Blogger says I have 38 followers, there are only 37 that show up.)  Drum roll please…

Contest 3

Congratulations Wax Wombat!  You are the 4th entrant into the prize pool.  Let me know your selections.

Contest 4: Site Pimping

The final contest carries the best odds of winning for those who entered.  I know that publicizing a contest seems to be the last thing that you want to do at times since it means more entries and lessens the chance of you winning, but in helping the site’s readership you help guarantee that there will be future contests such as this one.  So, thank you to those who promoted these contests.  There were 10 of you and after randomizing one final time…

Contest 4

Congratulations handcollated!  You are the 5th and final entrant into the prize pool.

That’s all for this one folks.  Thanks to everyone who entered.  As I dig through the cards that I’ve had in storage and if there’s any future sponsorship, I hope to have many more future contests.  I hope this one was fun for those who participated.  I know that I had fun reading the random comments in the random comment entry thread.


FanOfReds said...


My #1 choice is the Redus card
My #2 choice is the Norworth

Drew said...


First I like that Tony Sanchez, and second the Redus auto


handcollated said...

Sorry it took so long. First choice is that Redus auto. Darn you, FanofReds for being a winner as well...
2nd choice would be the Norwith cards

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