Tuesday, February 23, 2010

State of the blog

The power is currently disconnected up on the third floor for this part of the construction so I'm posting from my wife's computer (and finishing up at work). That means no scanner, no Windows Live Writer to compose my posts and none of the files on my computer. All of the insulation is up, they've started framing one section of the new wall and will hopefully have the room finished by the end of the week. I can't wait.

I will also have some great news concerning the blog to share by the end of the week. Part of this news is dependent on my having access to my scanner, but that should be the case by the time I'm ready to share this news.

Also, I had an idea for a group break that I wanted to throw out there and see if people were interested. It's just in the planning stages for now, but I wanted to see what people thought and maybe get some input for fine-tuning it.

The break would be a case of 2006 Upper Deck Future Stars and 2007 Future Stars. These sets are loaded with great autographs. Unfortunately, they're sticker autos, but by focusing on young players, Upper Deck was able to get a lot of great names into these sets.

As far as the autographs go, the break would be hit based. With 30 slots, each slot would get 4 autos. There might be one extra hit in each case if the multiple signature case hits don't count as one of the 4 hits in the box it comes in. For the base cards, people would be able to pick their teams. If more than one person selects a team, the team will be assigned randomly amongst those who selected it. The selected teams would also apply to the numbered parallels. World Baseball Classic cards from the 2006 set would be randomly distributed since not all of the players are on MLB teams.

Since these are small sets, there will be a lot of copies of each card pulled from the cases. You can choose to have all of the base cards, one of each or none sent to you. Any cards not sent out will either be given away on the site or donated.

Based on the regular retail prices of the cases, supplies and shipping it looks like slots would be around $45 a slot, but I'm hoping that we'd be able to get a decent discount on the cases to bring that slot price down even more. Even at that price, you're paying a little less than the cost of a box and will be getting the same amount of autographs, but will also be getting all of the cards of your team from the two sets. There will also be an opportunity to trade autographs before they are sent out to increase the chances of getting cards that you'll keep in your collection.

So, let me know what you think. Is there no interest in these sets? Would it be better to break two boxes of 2006 which I think has a slightly better autograph checklist? Would a one case, 2 hit, $25 break be more desirable? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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G_Moses said...

I might be in for the one case break. So many funds are tied up in set building.

It's not a bad idea though.

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