Friday, February 19, 2010

Sell Sheet: TRISTAR Pursuit


TRISTAR kicks off their 2010 release schedule with Pursuit Series 1 which will be released on March 26th.  Pursuit will be a very limited product with only 60 24-box cases produced.  Like every TRISTAR release, all boxes and cases will be individually numbered.  Click on the image of the sell sheet on the left to view a larger version.

So, what do you get in each box of Pursuit?  Each box guarantees 15 hits and those hits break down the following way:

6 Autograph card numbered to 80 or less
4 Parallel cards numbered to 50 or less
3 Short Print Cards
2 Obak ‘10 Short Print Preview Cards

The other 75 cards in the box will be the base set of cards 1 – 75.  For those who enjoy a chase, they can go after the rest of the short printed cards as well as the Obak previews which will each have a variation.


Topps’ exclusive deal with MiLB does mean that no logos will appear in this product, but it looks like TRISTAR did a great job removing them from the cards.  Judging by the cards depicted on the sell sheet, it looks like they chose a lot of pictures where body parts did the obscuring naturally and it leads to nice looking cards.

Whether it be Minor League or TNA sets, something that TRISTAR excels at is fun autograph cards.  This set is no exception.  You’ve got Dual, Triple and Quad autographed cards.  Braves fans will love the Dale Murphy/Jason Heyward dual auto and I’m sure that the Roger/Koby Clemens cards will get plenty of attention as well.  There are also inscribed autograph cards to be found.  Inscriptions are currently the hot thing in the hobby when it comes to autographs and you can find them here.  There are also cards of players signing their First, Middle and Last names.  No tiny little squiggles to be found here.



I leave you with the checklists for the set.  You can find the base set and 8 short print cards on the left and the extensive autograph checklist on the right.  The Obak Preview checklist can be found on the TRISTAR website.  The highlights of that set are autograph cards of Jason Heyward and Kyle Drabek numbered to 10 copies.

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