Sunday, February 14, 2010

Once the dust (and wrappers) have settled…


There’s just something Zen about sorting out cards from a box break to put a set together.  Here, I’ve got my stacks sorted by hundreds at the far edge of the table and the first 99 cards sorted by tens closest to me.  I’ve blurred out the hits so as not to spoil the box break which will probably be posted in about a week at this rate.

The good news is that the work that I want to have done up on the third floor will start next week.  The bad news is that I’m going to have to temporarily pack everything away once again.  After that, I’ll finally be able to set up everything how I want it and get my collectibles out on display.

I’ve got some other things planned for the blog as well, but I may not have the time to get around to them in the near future.  I’m excited about it though.

Back to sorting!

P.S. Forgot to mention how much I like the backs of 2010 Topps.  I like the repeated curve from the front and the gradients.  Good stuff.


BA Benny said...

Hey, nice blog. I have a post on my blog about my 2010 topps Jumbo box break. Check it out.

Field of Cards said...

I am looking forward to detailed posts of that third floor conversion. It's gonna rock n roll.

G_Moses said...

I'm exactly the same way in sorting cards. First they go in stacks of 100's, and then I bust them down into groups of ten. And then I check them off the checklist as I go.

Zen is the correct word. It's like putting a mini-world back into place.

Offy said...

BA - Thanks! Checked out your blog and added it to my reading list. Will add to blogroll as well.

Field - I'm definitely going to detail it. I'm very excited about getting things all set up how I want.

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