Monday, February 1, 2010

Mail Day: Piazza Party!

I tend to add things to my collection in phases.  I’ll go through an unopened wax phase and then I’ll go through a singles phase and sometimes a set completing phase.


This time around a raided the .18¢ bin on Sportlots.  It can take a couple of tries, but I’m usually able to find a seller on Sportlots with a decent amount of Piazza cards for the minimum price.  This guy even had a quantity discount and very good shipping prices.  Look at all of these beautiful Piazzas that cost less than a quarter a piece.

I’m not quite sure why, but the second Leaf Piazza card on the top row has his 1993 Leaf card on the back.  When Topps combined the unpopular 2008 design with bright red, you ended up with one of the worst card designs ever.

Here’s some more cards that use the same design in two different sets.  I’m really liking the Bazooka comic and the Cracker Jack card.  I already had the Cracker Jack mini, but I needed the regular sized card.

It’s become the popular thing to rally against these days, but Topps has been doing variants for a while now.  Those are both 2004 Bazooka cards numbered 198, but you can find the card with two different pictures.


Here’s cards from two different sets that look like they are using almost the same picture.  Some Ginter and some shiny round out this page.


Here’s the last few cards.  There’s some great sliding shots here as well as a picture of Piazza throwing the ball, something he wasn’t all that great at doing.  51 more Piazzas added to the collection.


G_Moses said...

That's a lot of Piazza. It makes me feel old now that he retired.

But nice haul.

Field of Cards said...

That's a big jump in the PC count for Piazza!

SqueezePlayCards said...

Wow, nice load of cards. I love Sportlots, it is a great place to finish a set or buy a bunch of cards of your favorite player.

Offy said...

It is strange now that Piazza is retired. His career was a little shorter due to him being a little older as a rookie and having to crouch behind the plate, but he was the first player I started collecting as a rookie who I saw retire. It definitely makes me feel old. I look at the birth dates of rookies coming up now and it gets even worse.

I love adding big chunks to the player collection at a time. For a while, I was buying a lot of lots on eBay, but a lot of times the shipping on those are ridiculous.

Sportlots can have a great payoff if you're willing to put in the work. Next time I visit the site, I think that I'm going to try and finish off some of the sets that I never completed in the 90s since I recently found all of my old checklists.

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