Monday, February 15, 2010

Cards I Should Throw Away a Second Time?

It’s the moment of truth.  I’m going to enter my 10 Topps cards to see if I get something worth shipping to me or if these are cards that I should have some mom throw out again.  I’m not feeling too confident since the recent cards awarded all seem to be 1997 Topps.  I’ve already got plenty of those and don’t want anymore.

Card 1

1985 Jeff Jones.  Can’t say that I’ve ever heard of him.  I’ve also got a bunch of 1985 Topps from buying vending boxes for the Clemens, McGwire and Puckett cards.  Disappointing start so far.

Card 2

1987 Wade Boggs.  I’ve already seen one other person get this card and I haven’t read most of the result posts yet.  Someone should try and trade for all of the 87 Boggs cards that are given away in this promotion.

Card 3

1989 Twins Leaders. Next!

Card 4
1987 Tom Seaver. I guess it could be worse and I could be getting 1987 commons instead of Red Sox Stars, but I could probably pick up a whole set of this stuff for less than what I’d have to pay to have this one card shipped to me.

Card 5
1960 Charlie Neal All-Star Selection.  This is more like it.  Very happy with this card.

Card 6

1963 Bob Scheffing. Nice!  Another vintage card.  Don’t care who is on the card, getting something from 1963 in this is great.

Card 7

1962 Chuck Hiller. Three vintage cards in a row all from different years.  Can’t complain about these last three cards at all.

Card 8
2002 Mike Darr. Hated it.

Card 9

1974 Denny Doyle. 4 out of 9 vintage cards is nice.  Will I be lucky enough to go 50% on the vintage cards?  Drumroll please…

Card 10

1987 Robin Yount. It looks like they’ve loaded this thing with stars from the 1987 set.  I’d much rather get 10 older commons than more 1987 kindling.

Final thoughts.  It looks like there will be 4 of 10 cards that I may get delivered to me depending on the costs.  I’ll see what I can do as far as trading the other six cards.  Maybe I can swap all of them for one other card and upgrade.  Now on to read what some of you have won through this promotion.


Andrew Hungerford said...

No too bad, considering. Those are some decent vintage! :)

Offy said...

I was pleasantly surprised. I'm going to see if I can swap some of them for Dwight Evans and Gene Conley cards from similar years. I figure that most people entering these codes don't care about either of those guys.

Community Gum said...

"2002 Mike Darr. Hated it." Gotta love In Living Color.
So, the promotion gets two snaps in which direction?

That 1960 All-Star card is awesome!

Offy said...

Overall, the promotion gets two snaps in a zig zag. I'm a fan of the promotion. Yes, going through the cards that have been redeemed already, there's way too many 1987 and 88 cards in there, but there's a decent number of older cards and some big cards have already been claimed. It's fun and that's what matters. Just make sure to keep your cards away from Fire Marshall Bill.

I do love the 60 AS card. It's the only vintage card that I haven't offered up for another vintage card.

Play at the Plate said...

Not bad....It wasn't until my 6th redemption that I got one older than 1985.

Jay said...

You really cant go wrong with the vintage.
Nice, and a whole lot better luck then I have seen recently.

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