Sunday, January 17, 2010

So frustrating

Instead of getting a cheaper box here and a cheaper box there, I should have practiced discipline and just saved up for the box that I really wanted. Now it is next to impossible to find a box of 2009/10 Topps Basketball jumbos for a decent price. It is in stock at a couple of online retailers, but they don’t offer free shipping until you reach $150 which means saving up a little longer.

I can’t complain because I enjoyed opening everything that I picked up with the exception of the base Panini Basketball. I just wish that I had picked up a box of this stuff back when it was $80 a box. Now I need to hurry up and get a box of 2009 Updates and Highlights before that dries up. That stuff doesn’t seem to be as loaded as basketball or even series 1 and 2 of baseball.

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Anonymous said...

That 09/10 Topps Basketball was probably the underated set of the year. Something so simple and the rare Chromes made it very collectible

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