Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Non-Glossy logo cards

I’ve got a question that I’m hoping a reader out there can help me with.  After recently getting caught off guard for an autograph signing with nothing to be signed, I was wondering if there are any sets out there that have nothing but team logos on the front.  For example, 1992 Upper Deck European Basketball have beautiful looking, horizontally oriented logos on a parquet floor background.  I’ve been buying those up whenever I can find them to use for Celtics autographs.  What I need is something similar with a Red Sox logo.  I don’t want a repeat of Monday were I ended up getting the autographs of ten of the top Red Sox prospects on sheets of notebook paper.  I was definitely caught unprepared for that one.  So, if anyone has any ideas where I can find a card to suit this need, please let me know.



Captain Canuck said...

for baseball, I'm no help, however I know of two different hockey sets, and one basketball set that have what you seek.

No baseball though, sorry.

Offy said...

What's the other basketball set? The Upper Deck cards that I have now look great, but they're pretty tough to find since they're from a European set.

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