Thursday, January 21, 2010

A little teaser

I just finished busting my box of 2009-10 Topps Basketball Jumbo downstairs with the family instead of upstairs in my usual spot. While my wife is out picking up dinner, I'm on the computer downstairs which doesn't have a scanner hooked up to it. I had to post a quick tease for the box break.

  1. By my first impression, I think this is the worst collation that I've ever gotten out of a Topps Jumbo box. I'm used to getting full sets and I don't think that was the case this time. Maybe I'll buy a hobby box if I need to finish one set so that I'll have some extras of the Celtics from the set as well as the rookies.
  2. More duplicates within insert sets. To me, there's just no excusing that.
  3. It wasn't until the last pack, but I ended up pulling a card that should easily sell for a good amount more than what I paid for the box. I'm lovin' it.
There you go. A little tease complete with a little hint. Hopefully I can get everything collated, scanned and written up within the next day or two. This is my one weekend this month to work so it may be a little bit longer.


G_Moses said...

That's a box with an auto you'd like to see! I didn't even realize that they were able to get Griffin to sign. I thought he'd gone to Panini exclusively. So well done on that.

Not getting close on the set is a killer. Holy crap that's still a long ways off.

You should post the singles you need, I've been busting enough loose packs of this to probably be able to fill some of your gaps.

Offy said...

As far as I know, the McDonald's cards are signed that year at the game and then Topps holds on to them until the players are drafted and then they are inserted into packs. That's why the Brandon Jennings, Tyreke Evans and Gerald Henderson cards also available this year look different than this one. That's the only way they were able to include Griffin autos and this will probably be his only Topps autograph ever. I think that's one reason why it is going for as much as it is. Many people still prefer Topps to Panini.

I'll get my want list up on Google Docs once I go through the packs I bought the other day and see what I needed from those. I might also pick up a blaster since those are always fun to open.

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