Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finishing Move: 1995 Sportflix Football


I completed this set a while back, but never got around to posting about it.  I opened a box of this way back in 1995 and never found any singles available at the card shows or card shops at the time (and there were a lot more of them around back then).  Through the wonders of the Internet, I was finally able to track down the 16 cards that I needed on SportLots.  Best of all, most of the cards were the .18¢ minimum price.

I’ve always been a big fan of cards like Sportflix and Action Packed.  I’ve got bookmark sets and 3-D card sets.  I’ve got sets released in other countries and sets released by food companies.  The more oddball it is, the more I like it.

This set doesn’t have a lot going for it as far as value goes.  There’s a McNair rookie as well as a Terrell Davis rookie.  You can pick up most of the cards for pennies on the dollar of “book value.”  My collection is full of sets like this one.  I love fun sets that aren’t about future value.


There were some nice insert sets to be found in Sportflix packs.  Since it was a Pinnacle product, there had to be Artist Proofs.  ProMotion cards showed a player and his team’s helmet.  Rookie Lightning had a clear background.  Rolling Thunder cards had a stationary picture and a moving background.  There was also a Man 2 Man insert set, but I’ve never seen one of those in person so I’m not exactly sure what those cards did.  I think it was just a 3-D image of two players.

I miss these kinds of sets in the hobby these days.  It’s great when a company decided to flashback to something like this in one of their products like Upper Deck did in their final licensed flagship basketball product.  These days sets aimed at kids are no longer fun, they’re just cheap to produce and maybe will contain stickers or tattoos and that’s about it.  Just more evidence of just how out of touch some of the card manufacturers out there are with their customers.

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