Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Box Score: 2007 Topps WWE Heritage III


This is the first installment of something new that I want to start doing here on the blog.  Box Score will be a final review of a box of cards.  I’ll go over the cards from the box that are going into my collection, cards that I’ve sold online and what is available for trade if anyone is interested.  I’m a fan of letting the hits that I don’t want pay for the base cards whenever possible and this will show if that ever happens.

I paid $15 for this box during the BlowoutCards Black Friday promotion.  I got a complete set out of the box.  That’s going right into my collection.  This set sells for around $10 on eBay.


My favorite card from the box, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan Allen & Ginter is a welcome addition to my collection and was a card that I was trying to track down for a little while now at a reasonable price.  This individual card probably would have cost $5 - $6 delivered from eBay.  I’ll be holding into the other Ginter cards as well since they’re extremely cool.  I wish that Topps had done a whole WWE set in the Allen & Ginter style before giving up the retro theme for the wrestling sets.


Matt Hardy has been a favorite of mine for a while now so this card will be going into my collection as well.  This card probably would have only cost a buck or two plus shipping to acquire since I don’t think that wrestling jerseys go for that much on the secondary market.


The big hit from the box was the Jeff Hardy autograph.  Hardy was one of the top babyfaces in the WWE when he decided to take a leave of absence and made a huge return to TNA during their big Monday night special where Hulk Hogan debuted on TNA.  Since I’ve had the opportunity to meet Jeff in person and already have his autograph, I decided to throw this card up on eBay and twenty-one bids later the card sold for $22.50.

You can’t complain when you can sell a single card from a box for more than what the box itself cost.  So, it’s like I added all of the above cards to my collection for free.  There aren’t any other hits in these boxes other than the relic, auto and Ginter cards so the only thing left to trade are the extra base cards.  If anyone is interested, comment or send me an e-mail.

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