Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blaster Break: 2009 WWE


I still haven’t gotten around to buying a hobby box of 2009 Topps WWE.  I’m so used to buying HTA jumbo boxes that I think that I’m holding out for them to suddenly appear.  These are great cards, but I just haven’t seen them at a price that makes me want to pick them up immediately.  I’m hoping that the box prices will drop a little bit more and then I’ll pick one up.

I was in Target the other day and saw that they had 2009 WWE blasters on the shelves.  I didn’t buy any blasters of 2009 Baseball since I bought a jumbo box of each series.  Since I hadn’t yet purchased a box of WWE, I decided to grab one of the blasters.  The good news is that they didn’t carry over the Target exclusive parallels from baseball.  The great news is that they did carry over the manufactured patches.


I’m not exactly sure what this set is comprised of, but I’m glad that I pulled the card that I did.  This is a nice looking patch from the most recent Wrestlemania.  It also looks like you can pull a Royal Rumble patch, The Bash patch, SummerSlam patch and at least one other.  The John Cena picture on the front is the same on all of the cards which is kind of lame.  I probably wasn’t going to purchase another blaster anyway, but that fact cements it.

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