Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gonzalez, blasters and video games.

Posting from work again so there's no fancy pictures. On the edge of my seat for the Adrian Gonzalez trade rumors. I'd hate to see Buchholz leave and I think that Buchholz and Ellsbury is too much, but I really, really want to see Gonzalez in Boston.

Picked up a trio of blaster boxes the other day at Target and killed the odds. 2 autos in 3 blasters. I picked up Topps T206, 2008 Stadium and 09-10 Panini Basketball. Which blaster let me down? Stay tuned to find out.

Getting Guitar Hero delivered today. That combined with the holidays might lead to less posts and I was on a roll there. I've got two more box breaks to post along with the blasters. I also want to post some pictures of my collectibles room in the early stages before I start doing anything to it. The room has a lot of potential, but right now it's just an empty space.

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Field of Cards said...

A collectibles room! Oh man, that's what I dream of having. A room for the stuff that I could make insanely ridiculous.

It's painful being an Orioles fan and watching the Yankees and Red Sox scoop up everyone. Gonzalez is a nice one to land if it goes down.

I agree, Ellsbury/Buchholz is too steep. Also I love watching Ellsbury on the Sox. I don't want him shipped to obscurity.

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