Sunday, December 13, 2009

2007 Masterpieces glossy variations


Has anyone else out there seen Upper Deck packs containing only cards of their local team?  I saw them in K-Mart around this time last year and bought 2 or 3 of them to open.  I wanted to go back and get some more to set aside for trading purposes, but never saw them again.  You can read about what I got in my first pack in this post here.

The interesting thing about these packs is that they contained glossy Masterpieces cards.  I don’t know how many cards from the set are available in these variations, but for player collectors, it might be a variation worth noting.

Check out the two Schillings over to the left.  The top card is the regular, run-of-the-mill Masterpieces card.  The card on the bottom is the glossy card from the Red Sox team packs.  The colors look much darker on the glossy card.  Another way to tell the difference is the color of the foil border.  The regular cards have the gold border that you know and love while the glossy cards have a silver border.

Has anyone else out there ever seen these glossy variants?  It makes me wonder if any of the other cards in the Red Sox packs were altered from their original versions.  I don’t have any Artifacts, Future Stars or Legendary Cuts to compare those cards to.  What I do have is another side by side comparison for you.



night owl said...

I've never heard of these Upper Deck team packs. It doesn't matter, the only thing near me would be packs of Yankees.

Offy said...

I figure if they've done any other team, it would be the Yankees. I've used all of my best Google Fu and I can't find any information about these at all. Maybe an e-mail to Upper Deck for more info is in order.

Joe S. said...

Was there some sort of Masterpieces preview insert in 2006?? I've never seen these before, and I've purchased both hobby and retail boxes of the '07 set. Strange, indeed.

Offy said...

My best guess is that Upper Deck went back to press on these for the team packs and wanted to differentiate them from the originals, but it doesn't make much sense that they would only do this for the Red Sox.

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