Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lucky then unlucky and then lucky again

Way back in this post here, I wrote about puling a redemption card from 2009 SPx Baseball.  These were inserted two per case and were one of the hottest cards going at the time.  Everyone knew that Matt Wieters would end up having a card in this set and that was what most people were hoping to get.  I redeemed my card to find that I would be getting RR6.  I waited while the first five cards were announced.  I wouldn’t be getting Koji Uehara, Colby Rasmus, Andrew McCutchen (who by then may have been the most desired card), Matt Wieters or Chris Tillman.  My card was announced to be Josh Reddick.  Fuck.  Well, it’s a card for my Red Sox collection at least.  He’s a mid-level prospect who had decent numbers down in the minors, but he’s not even Boston’s top-rated OF prospect.  He just happened to be someone who got called up to the majors when Upper Deck needed players to fill these slots.


The card arrived at the beginning of this week and I got excited about the card again.  First off, Reddick has a decent signature.  The signature is a little squished on this card because it has the added inscription of “MLB Debut 7/31/09.”  Unfortunately, the inscription runs off of the sticker a little (Curse you sticker autographs!), but I was pretty excited to get one of the 25 autograph variations that they did with each of these redemption cards.

From there, I started thinking about how I felt about the card before it arrived in the mail.  There are a couple of wax boxes out there that I want to pick up including HTA jumbo boxes of 2009 Updates and 2009/10 Basketball.  So, I decided to put the card up on eBay.  Someone else will enjoy this card more than I will and I’ll be able to add something to my collection that I want.  I’ll be able to add another Reddick auto collection if I want one.

I’m hoping some of my other redemption cards arrive soon.  I’ve got Daniel Murphy coming from 2008 Topps Red Hot Rookies, Tommy Hanson, Colby Rasmus, Kyle Banks and Tommy Hanson autographed version from 2009 Topps Finest and Mat Latos from 2009 Topps Red Hot Rookies.  According to Topps, the Latos is on the way which seems strange since the Murphy from 2008 is still pending.

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