Thursday, July 2, 2009

An update

Hi everyone.  Moving didn’t go as planned at all and I’m still catching up.  I’ll be working all weekend to get things the way that they should be.  I did take a break to open up my order from Blowout Cards and that was a lot of fun.  The contents of the boxes were made for a Red Sox fan and so I was very happy.  I also opened another box of Upper Deck product and of course that means I got screwed again and since it was a 2007 product, I don’t ever get dinner first.

I think my favorite break was 2008 Allen & Ginter.  A huge bargain at $50 a box.  I can now see how people got all kinds of rip cards from this stuff.  I didn’t pull one, but I did beat the odds stated on the box by a lot.

2006-07 Topps Basketball was a lot of fun as well.  I love both the Larry Bird missing years cards and the 33 different cards of his in the regular set.  Only pulled one Rondo rookie so that’s going into the set.

2008 Topps Series 1 HTA jumbos were a lot of fun as well.  The Baseball History cards are great and I got a couple of nice “hits” out of this box.

I even had fun with the TriStar Boston Prospects cards.  I think I made out very well with that box as well.

Then there’s Upper Deck.  Masterpieces is still a great set, but as usual I didn’t get what is stated to be the average on the box.  I’ll talk more about that and some other Upper Deck stuff as time allows.

I hope that everyone reading is doing well, pulling great cards and will have a great holiday weekend.  The new Allen & Ginter is right around the corner.

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