Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pack Break: 2009 Allen & Ginter


I’m not really in a rush to post my 2009 Ginter box break.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the cards and this year might be the best looking Ginter set yet, but as far as hits and things of that sort, the box really wasn’t anything to get excited about.  I didn’t pull a rip card or an autograph or anything serial numbered.  I got exactly what you expect when you start opening a box of Ginter and nine times out of ten it’s a fairly boring box.

I do have a little Ginter excitement to post about though.  I made a trip to the card shop near work on my lunch break this past Friday to get some supplies and a couple of packs.  There wasn’t much there available as loose packs that interested me so I figured that I may as well get a little closer to my Ginter set.

I grabbed a couple of packs and some plastic cases and made my way back to work.  I busted them at work and was pretty happy with the results.  My first hit was a bat relic card of Ichiro.  That made me very happy.  Ichiro just keeps on hitting.  He may not get the hobby attention that fellow 2001 rookie Albert Pujols gets, but I’m happy to add this card to the collection. 
The second surprise to greet me is the second Bazooka back that I’ve pulled and both were from loose packs.  The first was from 2007 retail and was of the Ferris Wheel.  This one was of fencing champion Mariel Zagunis.

This is the only time that I hate having non-baseball players in Allen & Ginter.  I don’t mind them in the base set, but I don’t like when they are short prints or when you pull a parallel or relic of them.  It took me two years to go from a landmark to a non-baseball athlete and so maybe in 2011 I’ll pull a baseball player Bazooka back.  This one will mostly likely make its way to eBay eventually.  I think I packed up all of my shipping supplies and put them in storage.  D’oh.

So, that handful of packs resulted in much better hits than my whole box.  I now also have a 2003 Aaron Boone sketch card that I will happily light on fire.  Talk about your one-hit wonders.  Why couldn’t someone like Jeter have hit that ball?

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I agree with you, I think this years A&G is better looking.

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