Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A quickie

I didn’t get the package from Upper Deck containing the missing cards from my 2009 series 1 baseball box, but I did get a long forgotten package from them containing some Timelines cards that I sent to them along with a Kobe Bryant hero and a surprise.  It turns out that there was one card that they couldn’t replace and so they sent something of equal value.  I haven’t checked yet to see which card it was, but I want to know what price guide they’re using because the card that they sent as a replacement is a very good one.

I sent in all of my die cut Timelines cards that had a pair of roller marks down the card.  I got back some with only one roller mark down the middle which are most certainly variants and I got some back with absolutely no roller marks at all.  I think these might be 1/1 mint condition versions of these cards and I’m saving up now to send them in to PSA.

I also got my package from CheckOutMyCards.com and I’m very happy with it.  I got 17 cards that cost just over $15 for a little over $22 delivered.  If I had won all of them on eBay, I would have spent at least $50 total if some were under $3 for shipping and some possibly came from the same seller.  They were packaged well and shipped promptly.  I’ll definitely be visiting the site again.  I sent in some items that were on their free express processing list and if those sell then I’ll use that money to list more cards on there.  Unlike Sportlots.com, it looks like I’ll actually be able to sell on this site.

Last, but not least, I got some eBay winnings which included a lot of refractors and a handful of Topps Tek that will inspire its own post.  I just don’t know when I’ll have time to write it since there’s still a lot of packing to be done before Saturday.

One quick question before I go.  I didn’t buy a lot of 2007 Masterpieces so I’m no expert on the cards.  I thought they were all printed on a canvas type card stock.  I bought a couple of packs back in 2007 and pulled a Curt Schilling on the canvas card stock with gold foil.  In the Red Sox Upper Deck team packs that they are selling at K-Mart, there are glossy Masterpieces cards with silver foil on them.  Do these cards come in packs or is this something only found in these repacks?  Thanks in advance for any info anyone might have.


Mark said...

Upper Deck's site has some nice checklists. Here's the link to the 2007 Masterpieces set.

I wish that they had better descriptions or more images.

Offy said...

I've looked through there, but it didn't help at all. It's not one of the colored border parallels and I don't see anything about glossy versions on there. The cards look identical except that one is on the canvas type card stock and one is on thinner, glossy card stock. One has gold foil and the other has silver foil. The cards that came out of the Red Sox packs look like what you would see if Masterpieces cards were printed on the card stock for the base Upper Deck card set.

Mark Johnston said...

Man, we're just learning about the delays in redemption cards and are still awaiting our Pamela and JaVale McGee dual autograph treasure to arrive! ;)


Offy said...

Yeah, redemption cards can be a pain in the neck. Just about the only benefit from them is that you should be getting an absolute gem mint card from them in the mail. Well, unless the athletes were rough with them while signing the cards.

The rookie ones can be the worst because a lot of times interest in a rookie can drop while you're waiting to get your card.

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