Monday, June 1, 2009

Pack Break: Marvel Masterpieces 2

Spider-Woman One of the best things about ordering from Dave and Adam’s Card World is the free packs that they send along with your order.  When I placed my first order, it came with some packs of 2007 UD Elements and I pulled  a Jason Bay autographed jersey card.  I loved the card then and with Bay tearing it up for the Red Sox this season, I’ve become even fonder of the card.  It has made it a lot easier to forget about a certain lackadaisical, cheating former left fielder.

When I placed this order, none of the sports packs available really caught my eye.  One thing that did catch my eye was packs of Marvel Masterpieces.  I’m an avid comic book reader and read a lot more Marvel than DC (but my favorite book right now is Terry Moore’s Echo.)  Non-sport sets are where sketch cards first appeared and they make sense here.  I’ve always wanted to open boxes of this stuff and pull a sketch card (especially one of Katie Cook), but since I can’t afford all of the sports wax boxes that I want, non-sports boxes are out of the question.  Now I had the chance to break open 6 packs for free.


These cards have much better art than the sets that I remember from the 90s.  Instead of using a lot of art from unknown artists, these sets now have art by some of the top talents at Marvel.  For example, this Bullseye by Mike Deodato Jr.  Bullseye is currently masquerading as Hawkeye on Norman Osborne’s Avengers team.

There are some cool insert cards.  I pulled Vision and Scarlet Witch Avengers insert cards printed on prismatic foil board.  I also pulled a chrome Iron Man die-cut card out of one of the packs.


My great luck in opening free packs from Dave and Adam continues as I pulled a sketch card from my free packs.  It’s a sketch of Thor by Mark Romanoski.  I’m not a huge fan of Thor or the style of art in this sketch so I decided to put this card up on eBay where it brought in just over $16.  Not too shabby for something out of a free pack of cards.

Upper Deck/Skybox really does a great job with these cards and now I want to break open full boxes of them.  Next time hopefully I’ll pull a sketch card of Spidey or possibly the Human Torch, Thing or Deadpool to add to my collection.  If not, I can sell what I do pull and look into getting my own commissioned 1/1 made by Katie Cook.

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Andrew Hungerford said...

Masterpieces had a lot of great artists and work in it for the sketch cards. Compared to some releases (hello LOTR) where you have a doodle made with a marker that shows the artist didn't try at all. That's a nice sketch and you got a nice price for it.

darkship said...

Katie is one of my favorite artists too!!! I have two Lord of the Rings sketches that I got fairly cheap of hers. Good luck getting one int the future.

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