Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mail Day: Father’s Day Edition

PierceBowRef Here’s a shiny, happy post to balance out that last O-Pee-Chee criticism.  This could be my last mail day post in a while because I’m moving at the end of the month.  I’ve got a package on the way from Check Out My Cards and if that arrives on Monday then there’s an outside chance that it gets posted before the move.

I’ll start this post with one of the cards that prompted me to check out  I was winning too many cards such as this Paul Pierce Bowman Chrome refractor for a dollar and then paying three dollars in shipping.  So, I went to the website and grabbed any card of this sort that was under four dollars.  Between Cardlots, COMC and card shows, I should be able to just look to eBay to get the high ends cards that I need for my collection.  It’s probably best that way.


His gimmick may have been being a friend of Hulk Hogan, but once he started cutting people’s hair he started getting very over in the WWF.  The Barber also had some decent tag team success.  His time in WCW is better left forgotten, but the fact that he was even able to come back after having his shattered face completely reconstructed with metal screws is impressive.

Here in the Boston area, he’s best known for getting busted for drugs while working for the MBTA (subway).  Someone saw white powder during the height of the Anthrax scares and reported it, turns out it was ONLY cocaine.  Regardless, I couldn’t pass up the red ink version of the card selling for the same as the normal version.  Thanks for the memories.


Here’s the gold version of Big Baby’s 08-09 First Edition card.  The horizontal cards don’t look as good in this set due to the gold stripe taking up at least a third of the card.  The next card looks a little nicer.


Here’s the same picture used for a completely different parallel.  I remember back when Electric Diamond and Electric Court cards used to be all the rage.  Now many collectors don’t care about it unless it has an autograph on it or relic in it.  The top rookies might garner some attention, but that’s about it.


I think I may already have this card, but I couldn’t pass up this lot consisting of the orange refractor /199 and regular refractor /1499.  It became an even better deal when the seller threw in the base card as well.  That’s three Big Baby rookies for $3.49 delivered.  Here in Boston you’d have a tough time even finding the base card for that much.  Local cards get really jacked up here most of the time.


I wasn’t lucky enough to pull this card out of the box of SP Rookie Edition that I opened and since it’s not worth opening any further boxes, I picked up this card on its own.  It was $5 delivered which is fine by me especially since I overheard one card dealer say “these cards went up in the last Beckett and should go up in the next one as well.”  That’s dealer speak for, “I’m selling this above book so it’s even more overpriced.”


There are rumors that the Celitcs are possibly shopping Ray Allen around.  The Celtics took a beating by letting the previous Big Three play out their careers in Boston.  It was great for the fans though.  That move was compounded by the deaths of Reggie Lewis and Len Bias.  Danny Ainge doesn’t want a repeat of that and wants the Celtics to remain title contenders.

Ray Allen could boost ticket sales for a team that probably won’t make the playoffs, but he’s not as valuable to a potential playoff team since he’s all but disappeared after the first round of the playoffs in the past two seasons.  I mention this because some of the freed up cap space will go towards re-signing Glen Davis and keeping him in Celtic Green for years to come.  This is his Bowman Chrome refractor rookie numbered to 199.


I had the base, autographed refractor and even a blue refractor, but I didn’t yet have the regular refractor.  That’s no longer the case.  It doesn’t look that refractory in this scan, but in person you can see all of its shimmery goodness.


Speaking of refractors, here’s a 2005 Topps Heritage Chrome refractor.  It’s numbered to 556 for some random reason.  It’s a chrome card in a Heritage set for another completely random reason.

Big Papi seems to be breaking out of his slump and he hit another home run today to help beat the Braves and missed another by two feet last night.



Meet the Ortiz twins.  $3.50 delivered got me a blue refractor numbered to 299 and a green refractor numbered to 199.

Topps always does a great job with the multicolored refractors in Finest.  That’s why so many people are willing to hunt down the rainbows.



It’s déjà vu all over again.  2009’s Finest blue is numbered to 399 and the green is numbered to 99.  When I won the Ortiz, the seller had a bunch of other blue refractors closing at the same time so I got Ortiz, Jason Bay and Lincecum all for $6 delivered.  Not too bad if you ask me.

To top it all off, it looks like my World Baseball Classic card has been shipped from Topps.  So soon I’ll have my Jung Keun Bong.  It’s 4 months after I redeemed it and at this point Red Sox and Yankees fans are cursing the World Baseball Classic and some of the managers there for damaging starting pitchers.  After all of the injuries, I wouldn’t mind if the Sox banned all of their players from participating the next time around.  The tournament did nothing for me personally.

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