Sunday, May 17, 2009

Who you callin’ a Fathead?


Ever since they first started promoting them on TV, I was a fan of Fatheads.  I haven’t yet purchased a house of my own and wouldn’t want to buy one of these things if I knew that I would have to move it at some point.  Even though they can be removed and reapplied, I don’t trust myself.  One I do have a house of my own, one of the first things that I want to do is get a Fathead to slap up on the wall.

For those that may not have an ideal location to stick a 6 foot decal, Fathead has the perfect solution.  Tradeables measure 5”x7” and include a vinyl decal of the player as well as the team logo.  The entire card looks good and they spent some time on the background even though it is intended to be thrown away after you adhere your player to the wall.  You’ve got the player’s last name and an enlarged section of the player picture ghosted in front of a wood grain.


Fathead Tradeables would be great items to get autographed.  There’s no glossy finish and the larger size provides plenty of room for an autograph.

Each pack of MLB Tradeables contains four players and one large team logo.  They sell for $14.99 on the Fathead website.  I like the MLB Tradeables a lot and have purchased one pack so far (Mauer, J.D. Drew, Angels, Michael Young, A-Rod – All non-BoSox available for trade) with another on the way.

Offy’s Sports Site is now a Fathead Affiliate site so if you plan on purchasing anything from the Fathead website, could you please do so by clicking on the link over on the right.  It’ll help me pick up more cards here and there to write about in the blog.  If baseball isn’t your thing, there are also NFL Tradeables and a huge selection of the life-sized Fatheads that the company is famous for.

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