Friday, May 29, 2009

Mail Day: Rainbow Edition


I’ve got a fever and the only cure is more mail day.  I’m starting this post off with my Mario Chalmers Topps Murad autographed mini framed card…

My Mario Chalmers Murad…

Wait, that’s not a Mario Chalmers card at all.  Since Topps is losing their basketball license after this season, it seems like they haven’t put a lot of effort in getting rookies to sign their sticker sheets.  Because of that, I was sent this Spud Webb (that’s not what his signature reads) autograph card from Topps Signature.  Can you believe that Spud is considered an A List signature?  The card is numbered to 1899 and there are plenty of them available on eBay for one dollar.  This was in exchange for a card whose redemptions were selling for around $10 on eBay.  Equal book value my ass.  (Now can you see why I’m hesitant to send in my Dwayne Wade card to be replaced.)  I would have much rather gotten a non A List card of a Celtics player such as Rajon Rondo or whoever else might be in the set.  With the number of Webb cards that were sent out as replacements, I wonder if Topps even packed any of these out or if they saved them all for replacements.


Even though it is my largest collection, Piazza has kind of taken a back seat lately to other collections where I can get cooler cards at an affordable price.  I can buy 10 – 20 Glen Davis autographs for the cost of one Piazza autograph.  I think my best chance of picking up a Piazza autograph is pulling some other great card and trading it.

This here is a nice Diamond King.  I grew up during the era when the normal Diamond Kings were treated like insert cards long before they became actual insert cards.  You can’t tell all that well from the scan, but the picture in the middle is framed by the die-cut outer frame.  The card looks great in person.



The same seller had these two cards for sale.  The same card with two different colored jersey swatches.  This lot was just over a dollar a card.

Plain jersey cards aren’t all that appealing anymore, but something like this is something interesting to add to my collection.


Here’s the final card that I picked up from that same seller.  1998 Leaf Heading For the Hall numbered to 3500.  It’s a shiny, refractory card and everything red on the card is embossed.  This is another one that looks great in person.


I didn’t pull this card when I opened a box of SP Rookie Edition so I picked one up for my collection.  I’d love this set if you got more than three SP cards in a box.  It makes much more sense to pick up the singles that you want.  This color coordinated card has a refractory border.


Colors, colors, colors.  Here’s a Big Baby Finest Blue Refractor numbered to 199.  I think I just might like the blue better than the red that the regular cards have on them.  Now I just have to find out how many other cards I need in the rainbow.


I’m really not a fan of rookie cards with college jerseys on them.  Isn't that what the Rookie Shoot is for?

Davis put up big numbers at LSU, a lot of them second only to Shaq, but weight and injury concerns caused him to slip in the draft.  He was a steal at 35 in the draft and Danny Ainge was very smart in getting him included in the trade that brought Ray Allen to Boston.


Ebony and Ivory live together in perfect harmony.  While the 2007-08 Topps cards were black, the Chrome cards were… Chrome colored.  Here’s the white version of the Chrome card.  Everything really seems to pop off of this card as scanners really seem to like the grooves around the players.

This card is numbered to 99 and looks great.  I doubt that I’ll ever complete any of these rainbows, especially the ones that include a 1/1, but I’ll get as much of them as I can.


This is the “Wow, I’ve got a filthy and scratched up scanner” part of the post.  This card scanned horribly and showed all of the imperfections on my scanner.  One of these days I’m going to need to get a new one.

This card looks a lot nicer in person than it scans with a black and white picture of Davis ghosted in the background.  The card is numbered out of 1999.


I was very excited when I won this card and since it was through an offer, I didn’t have to deal with the drama of trying to win an auction.

I can’t afford these kinds of cards with any of the other players that I collect so I’ve enjoyed scooping them up for my Big Baby collection.


Dee Brown was the first Celtic that I collected.  I liked him from the moment that he stepped on the court for the Celtics and was thrilled to see him win the Slam Dunk Championship that year.  That led to Brown’s first card being released in a Fleer Basketball Update set.  Back in those days, early sets had no rookies in them.  Series two would have the lottery picks, but many lower picks would be ignored and that was the case with Brown.


Dewey!  2007 Sweet Spot Classic on a bat piece.  This is numbered to 75 which was a great year even if it contained one of the worst World Series travesties ever.

Evans’ catch in Game 6 of the Series should be as famous as Fisk’s home run.  Without that catch, the Fisk shot never happens.  Dewey did color the other day for a Sox game as one of many who are filling in for Jerry Remy as he recovers from Pneumonia related to recovery from Cancer.  Don’t smoke kids!  I’d have to say that he did a good job and I love seeing him back with the team.  This opens the door for the team to retire the correct 24, the one that roamed right field for most of 18 or so seasons.  Not the one that sauntered around left for 8.


This card here just arrived on my doorstep today and I love it.  This is numbered to 24 which is Evans’ jersey number and the silver ink looks great on the black leather.  I think this completes my Dwight Evans 2007 Sweet Spot Classic Memorainbow.  Now I can focus on picking up the cards from some of the other years he was in Sweet Spot sets.

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