Monday, May 11, 2009

Bustin’ Cheap Wax

I made a trip to K-Mart this past weekend and found a bunch of great stuff on sale.  I grabbed three packs of Upper Deck that were on sale and here’s some of what I pulled.

Lowell The first pack that I selected was 2008 Upper Deck series 1 & 2 fat pack.  I’m probably crazy because I searched through them setting aside players like Albert Pujols until I came across this Mike Lowell card.  Gotta have my Red Sox.  For $2, I should probably go back and get a Pujols as well.  The other Infield Power insert was Mark Teixeira with the Braves.


The next pack that I selected was 2008 Upper Deck series 1.  These fat packs were also $2 and have Rookie Debut cards in them.  I searched and searched and found a Clay Buchholz to add to my collection.  He’s dominating in AAA Pawtucket and might see more Major League action soon if the Red Sox continue to have starting pitching problems.  I didn’t really notice any other big names in this set as I searched for a Sox player.  The other card was of Luke Hochevar.  I got a Yankee Stadium card in each of these first two packs, but I’m not showing them because I’m sick of Upper Deck’s ridiculous legacy sets.

RedSox The final pack was the most interesting and something that I hadn’t seen before: Upper Deck Team Packs.  For $2 you get 25 Red Sox cards from various Upper Deck sets.  I liked what I got in this first pack so much, I want to go back and purchase a few more.

OkajimaI got 9 cards from 2007 Upper Deck including Julio Lugo, David Ortiz  series 1, David Ortiz series 2, J.D. Drew, Kevin Youkilis, Manny Ramirez, Jonathan Papelbon, Curt Schilling and a Hideki Okajima rookie.

I got 6 cards from 2008 Upper Deck including Coco Crisp, Mike Lowell, Julian Tavarez, Dice-K, Manny Ramirez and Hideki Okajima.

David Ortiz and Josh Beckett from 2007 Future Stars make an appearance next followed by Curt Schilling’s card from 2007 Artifacts.

Fisk The pack also included three great cards from 2007 Masterpieces: Carlton Fisk’s dramatic home run that he willed fair in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series, Bobby Doerr and Carl Yastrzemski.

The final cards were from 2007 SP Legendary Cuts and they were of Cy Young, Wade Boggs, Carlton Fisk and Joe Cronin.

Great stuff!  I don’t know how quickly you’d start getting doubles since it doesn’t seem like they’re pulling from too many different sets, but for eight cents a card you can’t beat it.

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