Monday, April 20, 2009

Breaking the case, breaking the case.

One thing that was completely new to me upon getting back into the hobby, especially now that so much of it takes place online, is that of the case break.  To put it simply, case breaks allow the average Joe a shot at cards they may not otherwise be able to get.  To me, the best case breaks would be those that are affordable, but also give you a decent shot at something good.  A lot of the case breaks out there are ones of really high end product where sometimes people walk away with nothing or just one card.

While browsing the card blogosphere one day I came across a case break that seemed to fit my description of a good break.  The break is of a case of 2009 Topps Finest over at I Am Joe Collector.  There are 30 slots in the break which will get each person 16 cards.  In each case there averages 16 numbered autographed rookie patch cards including David Price and Michael Bowden, 8 rookie redemption cards and 80 numbered parallel refractors.  So, everyone has got a pretty good chance of getting something good.  If you get something good, but not exactly what you were hoping to pull then you can try and work out a trade with someone else in the break.

I had my eye on the break for a little while before jumping in, but once I raised some funds via eBay, I grabbed my spot.  Finest comes out on Wednesday so I figure that the case will be broken around the end of the following week.  Can’t wait to see what I get.  I’m hoping for one of the two previously mentioned patch cards or a redemption card.  It’s too bad that not everyone will be able to get either a patch card or a redemption card, but there are only 24 of those cards combined for 30 people.  So, at least 6 people aren’t going to be happy unless they get a really nice refractor.  Maybe someone will be lucky enough to get a one of one refractor.  There are also the Finest Moment autographed cards, but no odds are given for those.  That’s a pretty good set for Red Sox fans with autos to be found of Jon Lester, Jason Bay and David Ortiz.

Wish me luck.

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Captain Canuck said...

I was the first one to jump in on this. I like that I'm "guaranteed" to get something...

*crosses fingers*

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