Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Box Break: 2007 Upper Deck Elements Baseball


The first that I saw of 2007 Elements was when I received two packs for free upon placing an order with Dave and Adam’s Card World.  I pulled a Jason Bay autographed jersey card out of one of the packs and really liked the base cards.  I decided at that point that I would have to get a box with my next order from Dave and Adam.  The acetate cards don’t scan well at all since you can see the back through the player.  The cards look sharp, but the acetate cards suffer a little from poor design regarding the backs.

CarpenterIn the acetate minibox I pulled a Chris Carpenter autographed jersey card numbered to 99.  Carpenter finished 2008 strong, had an amazing spring and should return to form in 2009.  He’ll be the opening day started for the Cardinals.


KouzmanoffMy rookie in the acetate box was Kevin Kouzmanoff.  All rookie cards are numbered to 550.


My favorite off the three sets is the etched foil.  Here’s a great looking Chipper Jones from that set.  It looks like Chipper will be finishing off his career as a member of the Braves.  That’s great to see in an era of mercenary players who are only concerned about the money and teams no longer being loyal to players.


I forget which minibox I pulled this card out of, but I’ll put it here since it is another Brave.  Scott Thorman doesn’t have much of an autograph and didn’t have much of a career with the Braves.  He became a free agent after being sent back down to the minors by the Braves and is now with the Brewers.


My rookie for this box was Angel Sanchez.


The mirror board cards certainly do scan well.  Jason Bay looks like he’s playing in the surface of the Sun.  The cards look nice in person as well.  They have a bit of a refractor-y sheen to them.  I figured that I would put Bay up here since his card was partially responsible for me wanting to buy this box.


Here’s a Jim Thome dual jersey card.  It’s a nice looking card with a plain jersey and a pin striped jersey.


I’m not sure which minibox I got this card out of, but this was the pull of the box.  It’s a dual autographed card of Mark Mulder and Chris Carpenter that is numbered to 15.  I thought it was strange getting two different Chris Carpenter autograph cards in the same box.  I would have loved it if it were David Ortiz or some other Red Sox player.

Lind The rookie for the mirror board set was Adam Lind.

I don’t think that I could have asked for more from this box.  I did alright with the rookies that I pulled even if none of them were named Matsuzaka or Lincecum.  I pulled two low numbered autographed cards as well as a nice Thome card.  I also got a good selection of cards from the base set.  I like the way that the cards look and I think that I will definitely pick up another box of Elements at some point down the line.

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