Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Trading Block: A Heavenly Trade

PiazzaFeatures Another trade that I made before I really got going on my blog again was with Mario from Wax Heaven.  While going through some of the various cards that I pulled from 2007 releases, I came across an Andrew Miller card that Mario didn’t have and wanted to change that.  The card inspired a whole post about Turkey Red and was the last Andrew Miller parallel that Mario needed from the 2007 Turkey Red Set.  In return, Mario sent some very cool Piazza cards for my collection.


I really like these first two Finest cards.  The Ballpark Bounties card especially is a very cool one.  I love the design and colors and wouldn’t mind picking up more cards with that design.


The Finest Masters card is kind of bland looking to me.  If I remember correctly this is when the Finest sets had bronze, silver and gold cards and a ton of different subsets.  Not really fun to collect in my opinion.


The Donruss Certified is a very nice card.  I already had the red serial numbered version of the card, but not the regular version.  Now that has been remedied.

Thanks Mario!

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